Roxana Vadeanu

Marius Vadeanu





The CREATIV PROIECT concept is the expression of the professional endeavor of two young architects, Roxana and Marius Vadeanu. Their passion for architecture, their professional reliability and desire to succeed have been the base of their successful enterprise that represents today a warrant for the future.

The architects of CREATIV PROIECT are graduates of the Architecture Faculty G. M. Cantacuzino from Iasi, a center of renowned tradition in architecture, where all along the 6 years of study special emphasis is put on team work and originality. After graduation they have completed the 2 years of professional accreditation under the supervision of established and experienced architects.Taking part in international projects and exhibitions since faculty years (amongst other, an Erasmus scholarship at Technische Universiteit Eindhoven), a thirst for continuous professional training and desire to express a new, modern and optimist vision in architecture, have been the foundation for the establishment of the CREATIV PROIECT firm in 2005.

The work we have done in the years that followed offered us a lot of experience in projects as diverse as going from individual family houses, apartment buildings, to public constructions such as school, kindergarten, office buildings, city-hall or even industrial buildings, warehouses or production sites.

Today the keywords that define us are professionalism, communication, experience, information, continuous advancement and consulting.

We are active members of the Romanian Architects Organization and we are involved in projects that promote enhanced quality for the architecture profession and modern, original, future-oriented concepts.

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